KTL was set up 5 years ago by three like minded I.T. Professionals who share a belief in providing a quality of service they had not found in their previous employers.

With KTL's sister company CORVUS we believe we can provide a complete range of I.T. Hardware and Softeware solutions

Hardware supplier, Partnership, specialise in bespoke manufacture and installation of Intel® based UNIX®, Windows NT and Netware® Servers and ancilliary equipment, most commonly following consultations with clients over thier current operations and projected requirements.

Partnership will then manufacture the required hardware, Servers, PCs etc., supply additional equipment such as RAID systems, UPS, Communications equipment, printers, undertake all necessary cabling and commission the system.

KTL have a wide client base covering Local Government, Education and the Private sector.

Never heard of KTL, that's because we don't get involved in fancy advertising campaigns. Our business comes through satisfied customers recommending our services.
Sorry but KTL do not deal with the general public.

Corvus Ltd. incorporated in 1996, is the sister company of KTL, which compliments KTL's hardware supply with networking skills and with software development and support.

Serving a similar customer base, Corvus provides support and development skills on a wide range of software from Microsoft© products to SCO © UNIX, Informix© and SeaChange©.

Corvus also market a range of software solutions, mostly developed in-house to meet specific business needs.
These include;

First Finance
A full financial management suite developed in Informix© originally for Local Authority Service departments, but recently it has been developed to encompass the needs of the private sector. First Finance includes, as well as the standard Nominal, Sales, and Purchase ledgers, Sales and Purchase Order Processing, Bonus, Timesheet, and Personnel Modules, Plant Control Ledger, and a comprehensive Business Costing Module.

First Retail
A back-office system designed specifically for the medium sized retailer. Developed around SeaChange© ledgers, First Retail includes standard Nominal, Sales and Purchase Ledgers, Sales and Purchase Ordering, Fixed Assets, BACS and Stock Control. Specific Retail Solutions covering speedy order entry and comprehensive style/colour/fit options exist in the Stock Control and Purchase Ordering Modules. First Retail will interface to most point of sales packages, however Corvus Ltd enjoys a special relationship with Point of Sale Systems Ltd (www.poss.co.uk).

First Retail was launched at the Retail Solutions Exhibition 1998

First Logistics
A job management package for the small to medium sized haulier, First Logistics is an affordable yet comprehensive package. Including a daily diary function, Job Sheet production, P.O.D. logging, Price Book, Invoicing and Resource Management covering both drivers and vehicles and features swift job entry and allocation. First Logistics will link to TAS Books from Megatech Software to form a complete accounting solution.

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